Andrew Oberstar


  • trending_flat grgit Groovy library for interacting with Git repositories. Wraps the JGit library.
  • trending_flat gradle-git Git plugins for Gradle. Supports general Git interaction, publishing to Git repos, and versioning/release based on Git repo.
  • trending_up gradle-git-publish Gradle plugin to publish to a Git repo. (Replaces org.ajoberstar.github-pages plugin.)
  • trending_up semver-vcs Infers a project's version from the state of your VCS. Can be used to automate versioning in your build.
  • trending_up jovial Additional engines and plugins for the JUnit Platform (i.e. JUnit 5)
  • trending_up graclj Clojure plugin for Gradle's Software Model.
  • trending_flat ike.cljj Additional interop support for Java 7-8 APIs from Clojure
  • trending_down gradle-jacoco Gradle plugin for Jacoco code coverage. Contributed to Gradle 1.6
  • trending_down gradle-plugins Gradle plugins for Findbugs, PMD, and JDepend. Contributed to Gradle 1.0.